Hosted Multisite

Plate is a hosted Multisite CMS built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which offers several benefits including less hardware and energy consumption, direct scalability, easy and immediate upgrades, backups and redundancy. It is a multi-tenant system which means it is ready out-of-the-box, theming and with no need for installation, update or upgrades.

Plate takes care of maintenance, security, and innovation for you, while still offering the flexibility and freedom. We also offers CDN's and Private Clusters in AWS for faster website load times for specific countries and regions.

Plate multi-tenant CMS combined with its multisite feature, allows for the management of multiple websites or digital assets from a single instance of the CMS, while also providing each tenant with their own customized experience. This can be particularly useful for companies that have multiple branches or divisions with different branding and content needs.

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Unlock Multisite Hosting Secrets

Thinking about setting up a multisite network? Before you dive in, it's crucial to understand your hosting options. From self-hosting to managed services, each comes with its own set of challenges and benefits. Our latest article, 'Why Hosted Solutions are the Smart Choice for Multisite Management,' breaks down what you need to know to make an informed decision. Don't miss out on these insights!

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