Why multisite for schools?

Multisite is the solution for school groups and umbrella organizations that want to streamline and optimize their online presence. Through the efficient use of templates, integrations, modules and updates, multisite ensures cost savings and a unified appearance.

Plate is an easy-to-manage (multisite) CMS that allows schools to easily and independently customize and maintain their websites while benefiting from lower overall costs and a secure, innovative solution. Quickly discover more about what Plate can offer your organization.

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What is the added value of multisite for schools?

1. Efficient use of templates, modules and updates: a multisite solution makes it possible to develop one central theme with all necessary features for the schools within an umbrella. This allows for easy creation of new websites and efficient rollout of updates and upgrades to multiple sites, resulting in cost savings.

2. Uniform appearance: multisite provides uniformity in the appearance of the schools, while allowing each school to maintain its own identity. This is important for the image and recognition of the school group as a whole.

3. Autonomous management: individual schools have control over their own website with multisite and make changes independently within our visual CMS. This reduces dependence on the main office of the school group and promotes efficiency.

4. Lower Total Costs of Ownership (TCO): thanks to multisite, school groups make efficiency gains in terms of hosting, management, appearance and modules. This leads to lower annual costs for the websites within the school group.

5. Scalability: with multisite, a new school is quickly provided with a strong online presence, because a new website can be set up in a short time based on the central theme. Extensions to the theme are rolled out centrally for all linked websites.

6. Security and scalability: Plate offers a secure and scalable (multi-tenant) solution where innovations are automatically implemented. This ensures that the software remains up-to-date without depending on external plugins and their maintenance.

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Cooperating partners

Many school groups use the same software packages. Therefore, at Plate we offer standard integration with several packages.

Specifically, we interface with the following vendors:

  • AFAS
  • ParnasSys
Wordpress Multisite | WP versus Plate multisite

Plate versus Wordpress

Many school groups use WordPress (Multisite). Therefore, we would like to list the main differences between Plate and WordPress. Plate and WordPress are both CMSs that provide multisite solutions for school groups and umbrella organizations, but there are important differences. Plate is a multi-tenant hosted CMS with built-in multisite functionality, while WordPress is an open-source CMS that relies on plugins to provide an advanced multisite solution.

With Plate, customers benefit from centrally implemented security and maintenance updates and no additional plugins are required. WordPress, however, quickly requires the configuration of multiple plugins, which can lead to interdependencies and additional maintenance.

The multitude of plugins in WordPress can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. While potentially enabling a sophisticated multisite solution, the myriad of third-party plugins can make the system complex and difficult to manage. Plate, on the other hand, offers a streamlined experience with built-in features that work together seamlessly and are updated centrally.

When it comes to cost, WordPress seems free at first, but if you don't have the right knowledge and expertise in-house (and in school groups this is often the case), you quickly find yourself spending quite a bit of money maintaining and hosting your websites. Plate offers a license with all essential services and functions in one package, with no hidden costs.

Want to see the differences in detail? Then watch the video showing the differences between Wordpress Multisite and Plate.

Wordpress multisite comparison Plate