The world of Content Management Systems is very much in flux. New (Headless) CMSs are entering the market and creative agencies are increasingly daring to run multiple CMSs instead of always using a traditional CMS like Wordpress. In order to make the right considerations, we like to share our knowledge. You can find this knowledge in the ebooks below or via Linkedin or Youtube.

Plate CMS specifications

Want to read the ins and outs of Plate CMS from both a user and technical perspective? Download Plate's CMS specifications here.

Specificaties Plate CMS

Plate versus Wordpress Multisite

This white paper aims to draw a comparison between between Plate and WordPress and help you in choosing an appropriate multisite platform.

Plate versus Wordpress multisite ebook

Ebook Content Experience

Position your brand through knowledge, create an indelible content experience and achieve internal adoption on a content strategy. Download this guide.

Content Experience ebook


ContentOps is about setting up processes, tools and metadata that enable people to create content.

ContentOps ebook Plate CMS

RFI / RFP template

Download this guide to make a better ask when looking for a new (Headless) CMS or Experience Platform.

RFP and RFI Template

Introduction on Reusable Content

Improve the Return on Content with the insights and knowledge on 'reusable content'

Ebook about reusable content