Why recruitment agencies benefit from multisite

That a website is the crucial tool for recruiters is an understatement. It is the place where job vacancies from an ATS system are displayed, made visually appealing, where applications are submitted, and where a 'job alert' ensures continuous engagement with the target audience. The tightness in the job market emphasizes the importance of a recruitment agency's website being perfect. From optimal loading speed to thoughtful UI/UX, from integrations to clever features that reduce barriers.

Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of recruitment agencies using a multisite CMS. They do this for various reasons, but the main one is that they want to manage data in one central place while serving different target audiences - whether these are industries, brands/labels, or types of job vacancies - through independent websites.

With Plate, recruitment agencies have access to a centrally managed solution, where all websites are maintained from one design system, and functionality and content can be shared across different sites. Discover what Plate Multisite has to offer your organization.

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The benefits of intelligently managing multiple websites

1. Efficient use of templates, modules, and updates.
A multisite CMS allows you to develop one central theme with the necessary features for all websites within your recruitment organization. Even integrations with your ATS and/or CRM are centrally managed. Thanks to multisite, a new label quickly obtains a strong online presence because a new website can be set up rapidly based on the central theme. Theme extensions are rolled out to all linked websites.

2. A unique appearance that seamlessly aligns with the target audience of your label or brand.
The goal of your recruitment website is conversion, achieved by addressing and removing barriers. With sufficient flexibility at the site level regarding styling, coupled with a central 'building block' of functionality, you get the best of both worlds. Data, integrations, and maintenance in one place, while still having individual freedom in the look and feel of the sites.

3. Autonomous and visual management.
No other CMS in the world gives your marketing team as much autonomy over your websites as Plate does, and it also provides a rich set of no-code features and a visual CMS as the icing on the cake.

4. Lower Total Costs of Ownership (TCO).
Thanks to multisite, you make efficiency gains in hosting, management, maintenance, appearance, and modules. This results in lower annual costs for the websites.

5. Security and innovation.
Plate offers a secure and scalable SaaS solution with automatic and periodic innovations. This ensures that the software stays up-to-date without depending on external plugins and their maintenance.

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Examples of recruitment websites


Integrations for Recruitment Agencies

In the dynamic world of recruitment, websites rarely exist in isolation. They often serve as a kind of online marketplace, crucial for attracting, enticing, and converting candidates. These websites act as a bridge between employers and employees, with job listings sent from the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to the website and applications from the website back to the ATS.

A challenge here is the limited content management functionality within ATS systems. While ATS systems are efficient in tracking job data, they leave little room for managing visual elements such as videos and images. Therefore, the content on the website is often a combination of data from the ATS and content from a flexible CMS, aiming to present the job listing both visually appealing and compelling.

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Enrichment through Middleware

At Plate, we understand this complexity and have extensive experience navigating the challenges of integrations within recruitment websites.

Based on this experience, we increasingly work with a smart middleware layer where data from an ATS is enriched, making it usable in the CMS. For example, enriching translations of job listings with additional fields, which may not always be possible within an ATS. This provides content managers with many more options to design job listings attractively.

At Plate, we collaborate with high-end partners for integrations with leading ATS systems such as Bullhorn, Carerix, Otys, and HRM platforms like AFAS or Salesforce.