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At Plate, our team of CMS experts has been pushing the boundaries of Content Management for 10 years. Our mission: to help Content Managers with an innovative CMS that gives them more autonomy over their content and websites. On this page we'd like to tell you who we are, what drives us, and which companies and organizations we enjoy working with.

Meet our team

Autonomous organizations

We are driven by our mission: to give companies and organizations autonomy over websites and content with a user-friendly Content Management Platform. We started our adventure in 2014 and have been pioneering for 10 years within an amazingly challenging Content Management market. We've seen one CMS come and go after another and now have a rich wealth of knowledge and innovative software that we deploy to the more than 1,000 customers and partners who use Plate.

Julia our Project Manager

Plate is used by hundreds of organizations at home and abroad. Among our customers are well-known names such as NUOVO Scholengroep, Leergeld Nederland, Lelie zorggroep, Top of Minds, 9altitudes and Bunzl. In addition, we work with software partners such as Topicus who uses Plate as a White Label CMS for its 6,000 customers within primary education.

G2 Winter Champion 2023

Our core values



We dare to make choices that can create unexpected outcomes.



We continue where others stop.



We build on each other unconditionally.



We take responsibility for our innovative solutions.


At Plate, we believe in the power of reuse. That's why we support organizations that want to use content and websites at scale with Multi Site, a discipline through which we set up a network of websites using the same building blocks. Thanks to smart features, among other things, we make it possible to share content between the organization's different websites. The result: Single Source of Truth (SSoT), less maintenance and lower costs.



We find it important that our customers and partners work hassle free. That is why we take responsibility for hosting, roll out updates and upgrades centrally and go the extra mile when it comes to the security of the websites on the platform. We are easy to reach and have short response times because we don't like waiting in line for long periods of time either.

Ha Plate Software Engineer


As CMS pioneers, we are constantly pushing boundaries together. We don't sit still and challenge each other to innovate. For example, in recent years we have developed the best Multi Site CMS that can also be used as a Whitelabel CMS and we are currently working on our next innovation: a smart, Headless CMS focused on reusing content for all channels within your organization. We will launch a first version of this new product in 2024.

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