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SGP youth is the oldest political youth organization in the Netherlands with nearly 4,000 members.

SGPJ was in need of a new website. The previous website was outdated and running on WordPress. SGPJ depended on the knowledge of a volunteer within the organization. When this one left the organization, it became increasingly difficult to adapt the website to the needs and requirements.

Plate, along with partner Aanjagers, helped SGPJ in 2022 migrate from WordPress to Plate and put down an efficient multisite solution that also allows local committees to purchase a website for their chapter.

Through a central dashboard, SGPJ has access to all websites within the organization and can give local committees access to their own websites. The local administrators can use the so-called 'building blocks' of the Visual CMS to set up their pages independently within the multisite framework.

Because of the multisite framework, updates and new features for all websites are synchronized at once and maintenance costs are significantly lower.

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