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Connectivity Hub

Nowadays a website is barely a standalone tool. Connecting your website, web app or portal to other applications increases efficiency, improves data accuracy and lets your business scale easily instead of drawing in manual labour or scaring your visitors away with reasonless workflows and interfaces.



Do you want to connect Plate to another application which is not on Zapier or do you want to create a custom integration? You can do this yourself or let one of our Plate partners like Index create custom integration using our REST API. Extended and well-described API documentation can be found here. Partners can also join the Plate Partner Slack with over 100 partners and drop questions there.



The Plate platform is equipped with webhooks. This allows you to notify in real-time and automate certain actions. The result is improved workflows and increased efficiency by reducing the need for manual intervention and providing customizable notifications to developers. Additionally, webhooks are less expensive than using polling, are scalable and can handle high traffic volume, and are easy to implement.

No-code integrations with Zapier

No-code integrations with Zapier

We’ve put a ton of energy into getting the whole Plate ecosystem, including all its features, into the Zapier integration platform. This means you can connect Plate to more than 5000 different apps no-code. You don’t need to worry about hosting and development. All you need is access to both systems and someone that can connect the right ‘end-points’ to both applications. An example is an endpoint ‘submit a form on the website’ to ‘create a contact in CRM’. Check out the Plate app on Zapier.

Examples of the Plate Connectivity Hub

The great thing about Plate Connectivity is that it transforms web content in living content experiences. Here are some great examples demonstrating the power of Plate.

Plate and AFAS for NUOVO Scholengroep

NUOVO Scholengroep uses Plate as a multisite solution since 2018. Recently we’ve helped NUOVO to integrate AFAS with Plate CMS. NUOVO uses AFAS to streamline HR processes and they used their inbuilt ‘OutSite’ CMS to show their vacancies on a separate website.

Thanks to the integration with Plate CMS vacancies are managed in AFAS and are pushed to the job opening section of the NUOVO-website. There they have all the freedom to create attractive landing pages based on the job openings. And when someone fills out the application form on the website, this automatically creates an application in AFAS including triggering workflows and emails.

AFAS API koppeling Website werken bij Plate
4M Smart Portal API Plate

Plate and Salesforce for 4M

Since 2021, Plate has functioned as 4M's ‘multi-portal’ environment. 4M is a collective brand for a number of underlying labels fighting against injustice in the world. Through a sports label, a business label, a women's label and a men's label, the websites are used to communicate with target audiences.

All websites are centrally integrated with Salesforce and the 2000 members of 4M log into their own portal environment from which all information is retrieved directly from Salesforce. All information updated in the portal is updated directly in Salesforce. When a member orders something on the website or subscribes to a certain event this is sent to 4M straightaway.

Plate and Your Research

Your Research aims to make doing research in the medical field easier and better. They do this by offering a ‘participant-centric’ research platform. To deliver studies of the greatest possible value, everything revolves around data. Data is the central theme in all the tools Your Research deploys. From app, to portal and a studio to allow the research institute to configure and maintain studies.

In Your Research's product suite, Plate acts as the front-end on which new participants register for the various studies. All registrations are sent to the Your Research Portal and all new studies are automatically visible on the website after Your Research adds them to the back-end system.

Multisite API project for YourResearch

ATS integration Bullhorn Plate for Finture Careers

Plate and Bullhorn and Algolia for Finture Careers

Finture is a website with over 300 job openings in the financial industry. All vacancies are stored in the Bullhorn ATS and connected to the website. The website sends the applications back to Bullhorn and uses Algolia for searching (type as you find and filtering) on the website for lightning fast and errorless user experience.