Easy asset management for multisite

Asset Management

Plate offers you an easy and intuitive way to upload all sorts of assets to the media library. You can search through the library and organize your assets in folders. It is also possible to upload in bulk or to connect the media library to a third-party DAM. Another possibility is to overwrite an existing file with a new one, automatically replacing the old asset with a new one on every page this asset is being used on the website.

Multisite asset management

Multisite asset management

For companies using Plate as a Multisite platform we offer integrations to a shared Digital Asset Management System. It is also possible to connect the media libraries of the individual websites within a multisite to a shared library.

Managing permissions and access control for different users and groups across multiple sites can be more complex in a multisite environment. Plate allows you to easily manage these permissions and control access to assets on a site-by-site basis with advanced Access Control.

In a multisite environment, distributing and scaling assets can be more challenging as different sites may have different traffic patterns and storage requirements. Because Plate is a hosted Content Management System we can scale accordingly and handle large amounts of assets. If needed you can use your own private Cloud Cluster on our AWS infrastructure.