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Your Research develops 'no-code' study websites


Your Research aims to make doing research in the medical field easier and better. They do this by offering a "participant-centric" research platform. To deliver studies of the greatest possible value, everything revolves around data. Data is the central theme in all the tools Your Research deploys. From app, to portal and a studio to allow the research institute to configure and maintain studies.

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In Your Research's product suite, Plate acts as the front-end on which new participants register for the various studies. Currently, Plate and Your Research have a collaboration for clients such as the RIVM and an international project for the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The added value of Plate Multisite

Two features of Plate add great value to Your Research.

Building 'no-code' medical study websites

The low-code CMS allowing technical studies, including advanced inclusion questions and encrypted, dynamic entries to the back-end, to be developed in a no-code manner by Your Research's own staff.

Fast time to market

By using a dynamic Plate multisite structure, Your Research is able to independently create a website for each study in a few minutes and customize it for a specific study in a few hours. New features or enhancements to the integration are implemented centrally, making updating the solution cost-effective and manageable.

Private Cloud

For Your Research, we have placed all applications running on Plate on their own cluster within the Plate Amazon Webservices (AWS) environment. This means that at the server level, no one can access the application except through the credentials associated with that particular IP address of the cluster.

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