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Topicus chooses Plate's Whitelabel CMS for school websites

Together with ParnasSys, Plate has launched an initiative in 2022 to support schools even better in communicating with parents and other stakeholders with a concept for easy-to-manage school websites.

In this video, Nick Leidelmeijer, Managing Director at ParnasSys, talks about Topicus' strategic choice to partner with Plate as CMS for their customers' school websites within primary education.

Nick shares Topicus' consideration between developing or buying a CMS themselves and the need to find a suitable, user-friendly Whitelabel CMS that is easy to implement and manage by elementary school without technical knowledge.

The partnership with Plate has been praised for its reliability, no-nonsense approach and quality. The partnership is in line with the level of quality that ParnasSys wants to pursue for all its products.

"Plate allows us to deploy websites quickly, the CMS is easy to manage, it doesn't demand much from the service desk in supporting our customers AND it lets customers work autonomously."

 Nick Leidelmeijer

Nick Leidelmeijer

Managing Director ParnasSys (part of Topicus)

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ParnasSys is the student administration and tracking system (student development system) for elementary schools in the Netherlands.

90% of elementary schools use ParnasSys tools, including Parro for parent communication.


Schools choose from 3 website templates specifically tailored to elementary education. All 3 templates have the same pages and building blocks, but differ in appearance.

With Plate's visual CMS, you can easily customize your school website to match your school's corporate identity by setting the school logo as well as appropriate colors and fonts.

Thanks to the multisite architecture, Plate and ParnasSys can easily scale up to hundreds of school websites. New updates and extensions to the themes are implemented efficiently for all schools.

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