Plate Multisite en LeadBot

Does your business or organization have multiple components, labels, products, or are you active in multiple countries? Then a multisite CMS is the solution you need to scale effectively with all the different websites required for your digital presence.

With a multisite from Plate, you manage all those websites within your organization efficiently and effectively from one central location. No jumble of CMSs, technical updates, and separate maintenance agreements—just one platform for all your sites. Plate ensures a uniform appearance, allowing you to consistently maintain your brand experience across multiple websites. Additionally, the content can be customized per website, enabling you to apply personalization towards the specific target audience within each site.

In this article, we introduce our partner LeadBot.

LeadBot Plate CMS
Why LeadBot?

Why LeadBot?

With LeadBot, you greet visitors to your website, immediately show them the most important buttons, and lower the barrier to making contact.

A visitor comes to your website with a specific search query or goal in mind. Research shows that people increasingly crave interaction, while organizations are dialing back on personal contact. That's a missed opportunity because, with the right tools, you can offer interaction, convert visitors into leads, and efficiently route them internally.

LeadBot makes these goals immediately visible and turns visitors into leads. Because you can set up a different LeadBot for each page, you ensure that the LeadBot's content perfectly aligns with the content of the respective page.

Additionally, you can link multiple contact details within LeadBot. This way, you ensure that each type of lead ends up with the right person or department. This leads to higher returns, better connections, and increased efficiency.

How Accordis Utilizes Plate in Combination with LeadBot

Accordis is revolutionizing information provision in healthcare with smart products. They use the Plate multisite system for their various products, launching a separate website for each:

On Accordis' various Plate websites, LeadBot has been implemented. Each website uses multiple variants of LeadBot, with the right person from the organization linked to each. This ensures that visitors are greeted personally by the right individual, focuses are placed on key conversions like demo requests, and inquiries go directly to the right person within Accordis.

It's not just about managing multiple websites; it's about making every interaction count. That's the power of Plate and LeadBot combined.

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LeadBot Applications by Industry

With LeadBot, you have complete freedom in setting up greetings, text snippets, buttons, and contact options. This makes LeadBot a suitable tool for virtually any website, whether your focus is B2B, B2C, or a specific industry. LeadBot for...

Franchise Companies and Franchises

...can offer a uniform brand experience while allowing each location to have unique content. LeadBot can assist customers with questions about specific locations or services.

Schools, Universities, and Educational Institutions

...can benefit from a multisite to manage different departments or campuses. LeadBot can assist in quickly answering questions from students, parents, staff, or others.

Media and Publishers

...who manage various publications or platforms can use a multisite to centralize content. LeadBot can assist readers with questions about subscriptions, articles, or other services.


...can manage various departments or services through a multisite. A chat function can assist citizens with questions about documents, procedures, or other government services.

Larger enterprises with multiple labels or brands

...companies with multiple brands can use a multisite to coordinate marketing efforts. A chat function can centralize customer service and make it more efficient.

Unique Plate & LeadBot Promotion

For Plate Users

Want to deploy LeadBot on your website(s)? You're in luck! In partnership with LeadBot, we've cooked up a unique deal just for Plate users. You get to test drive LeadBot absolutely FREE for three months. On top of that, we're throwing in an implementation service where LeadBot specialists will create and set up LeadBots for your website(s).

- 3 months of free LeadBot on your website(s)
- Fully trackable in Google Analytics 4
- Free implementation service by LeadBot specialists
- After the 3-month promo period, LeadBot specialists will reach out to discuss LeadBot's performance on your site(s).

For Plate Resellers

Are you a reseller of Plate? We'll set up a dedicated LeadBot environment just for your agency. Within this environment, you can manage all your clients.

- Your own [] environment
A clear overview featuring all your clients
- 3 months free trial

- Free implementation service by LeadBot specialists
- After the 3-month promo period, LeadBot specialists will reach out to discuss LeadBot's performance
- Kickback fee that can go up to 35% per month on all your LeadBot licenses / clients

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