Make mistakes and fix them

Version control

Plate proactively backs up your websites and their content. In addition, it is possible for the administrators of the websites to use version control to undo changes to the website if, for example, something has been accidentally removed that was not intended. Everybode makes mistakes, but it's nice to have a CMS that has your back.

Automatically in control

Automatically in control

Plate automatically keeps a detailed history of your website. In version control it shows per day which actions have been performed on your website. You can then scroll back to any point in the saved history with the "Go back" button. As soon as you click this button, Plate automatically rewinds all executed actions to the chosen point in time.

So if you've made a mistake, which takes a lot of manual work to fix, roll your website back to the situation before the mistake with 1 click. If you have rolled the site back to a point in time, you don't lose the entire history from that point, but you can also simply roll back to just before that point in time, effectively undoing that first rollback action on your site.


If you are working with a larger content team on the same website this feature provides also insights on who did what edit and when. So if something changed you can see who’s responsible for the action.