Optimize and configure images

Smart Images

Content marketers are often struggling with images on their website. With Smart Images Plate offers a solution to optimize and configure images.

Automatic image compression

Automatic image compression

We offer image compression as a platform service and automatically scale all your images to the size needed for different positions within your website. Content editors can add images up to 16MB and Plate automatically scales the images down to the right viewports. This is beneficial for the content editor (less time spent on manual compression) and for the website visitor (faster load times). Plate automatically converts images to the Webp format as this speeds up website loading time.

Crop images

Within Smart Images it is possible to crop the image and highlight some pieces of an image. If you for example want to focus on the faces of the persons in the image this is simple and effective with this feature.

Images on different viewports

If you want to show an image on desktop and not on mobile (or vice versa) it is as simple as activating a toggle. With this option you can tailor different content experiences to different viewports.

Smart Images Plate Multisite

Reuse of images

With Plate you can re-use an image multiple times on the website. The benefit is that if you want to update an image you can do this at the source (library) level and it will be updated everywhere it’s being used.

Image editing options

Plate offers Content editors the possibility to use a variety of options for image editing in the CMS. Within your theme, image options can be configured as desired. Some examples:

  • Rounded corners,
  • Gradient layer with custom color,
  • Specify the opacity of a colored layer,
  • Change an image to a circle,
  • Different animations.

Support for different image formats

Plate supports multiple image formats like JPEG, PNG, Webp and GIF.