Advanced and effortless no-code Content Syndication

Multi Content

Plate offers advanced Multi Content capabilities within your Multi Site, allowing you to handle content within a Multi Site very flexibly. Experience the benefits of out-of-the-box content syndication in Plate CMS.

Share content across multiple sites

With a Multi Site from Plate, the websites within your organization are connected like a network. You not only share functionality, but also content with other sites if desired. It works completely out-of-the-box compared to content syndication in WordPress and other traditional CMS's where you need plugins or custom development. 

The setup is done completely no-code, without having to install anything. Using the dashboard, you can independently configure which content you want to share with which website(s) within your Multi Site.

Multi Content Plate CMS multisite

Connected Content

Through the Plate dashboard, you have the capability to interlink content across different websites. The setup can be done entirely without code, making it a standard feature of Plate that doesn’t require programming or the installation of widgets or plugins. The dashboard allows you to control the direction of content flow. While there are numerous possibilities, it essentially boils down to two applications:

A page on the main website is pushed to the subordinate websites. An example of this is a shared 'about us' page. On the corporate (or main) site, you decide what appears on this page, and all the subordinate label, brand, or school sites automatically display this content on their website. This page cannot be modified on the subordinate websites; it can only be done from the 'sending site' by editors with the proper permissions.

Several sites push a certain type of content to the 'main site'. For instance, job vacancies from various individual websites that are centrally directed to a career site, or news articles from individual school websites that are also visible on the umbrella site. These pages are managed on the subordinate websites, and any changes are immediately pushed to the 'receiving website'.

These are examples of 'connected content', meaning content that is interconnected between sites. Your connection ensures that updates to the original pages are pushed to the 'target websites' and that new content of a certain type, such as job vacancies or news articles, follows the rules you have defined in the Multi-Content management.

Content Copier

Above, we've described how this feature works for content that is interconnected between sites and governed by rules. However, there are times when you might want a specific page created on Site A to also appear on Site B, without having to rebuild it entirely on Site B. The Multi-Content module of Plate facilitates this process by allowing the copying of pages within your multisite. On your website's dashboard, you navigate through the Content Library to the relevant page, where you'll find a 'Multi-Content' tab. There, you have the option to copy or link the page to one or more sites within your multisite.

When you copy a page, it becomes independent, and updates from the original page are no longer passed through; you can then edit this page on the other website(s). If you opt for a connected page, the content will be managed from the source site.

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