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With caching, we make sure that your website, web app or web portal is loaded onto your visitor's device as quickly as possible. By means of caching, a copy of the page is made, compressed and saved. From now on, this copy will be shown to the visitor when the same page is requested. If you change your website in the CMS, the copy will become invalid and the process will start again.

Dynamic caching

Dynamic caching

But what if you have a part on a page that shouldn't be castrated? For example if you want to show the current time, or a thank you message after sending a form? That's why Plate developed the dynamic tag. All code within your website that falls within this tag will be removed from the cache. This part is parsed and executed with every request. This gives you a unique combination of dynamic content and caching.

Caching is opt-in, which means that you have to turn it on manually for your website. This can be done at the site settings in your dashboard, under the tab 'Technical'. For more information you can also view the documentation on caching.

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