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Multisite helps addiction care expert with focus on content and appearance

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Spoor6, part of a company group with labels Spoor8 and Refind Yourself, active in addiction and mental health care, faced the challenge of optimizing their online communication and lead generation.

The existing WordPress websites were scattered across different parties with diverse backends and structures, leading to inefficiency and frustration.

We spoke with Daniel van den Hoek, marketing manager at Spoor6, responsible for managing the respective websites: "For example, one of the companies focusing on addiction care cannot advertise in search engines due to restrictions imposed by those search engines. This means that visibility and conversion depend entirely on organic SEO. And that's where Plate's flexibility at both the website management level and content management level makes a difference."

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Multisite Framework Plate

What was the situation like before choosing Plate?

"Before I started using the multisite from Plate, I was stuck with WordPress. Spread across three different hosting providers, with three different logins, three completely differently configured backends, and structures. What I struggled with the most was the terribly inconvenient maintenance of three websites, in three locations. Although everything was WordPress, they were three completely different systems, loaded with unnecessary plugins that made the sites unstable and incredibly slow. You end up spending so much time trying to manage all of this, and that's a waste of my time."

"The biggest challenge was to find a CMS where all this hassle disappears, and I could simply focus on marketing and communication. I no longer want to deal with the technical side of websites (others are much better at that), but purely focus on content and appearance. By centrally managing the websites with Plate, I create overview and it becomes much easier to try out ideas and generate leads across three websites."

"With WordPress, we were constantly engaged in maintenance and plugin management. On the other hand, Plate provides a stable, user-friendly environment that allows us to focus on what really matters: our clients and their stories."

Daniel van den Hoek

Daniel van den Hoek

Marketing Manager

Daniel van den Hoek

How did you experience the collaboration with Plate?

"Plate switches as quickly and accurately as I do. During the implementation of the multisite and the setup of the websites, they were always available for questions. Suggestions from my side were also taken seriously, strengthening the collaboration; you may not work for the same company, but in the end, you are building something beautiful together."

"Plate is already fully configured and ready to use out of the box. By outsourcing all technical matters through the use of a SaaS CMS, this is completely covered. You can also clearly specify in advance which security requirements you want (for example, to secure your contact form, allow or disallow file uploads by users, etc.). Everything is set up exactly as you wish without using plugins."