IPON 2024 – Education Innovation & ICT Conference

28 and 29 february 2024

IPON 2024 – Education Innovation & ICT Conference

This year, we at Plate are proud to play a prominent role at the biennial IPON 2024. We are joining forces with two partners to shape the future of education and ICT. Curious about our innovative solutions? Visit us on February 28th and 29th in Utrecht (Jaarbeurs) and get acquainted with the unique Plate propositions.

School Websites Powered by Parnassys & Plate

Together with our partner and reseller Parnassys, we present an all-in-one approach for school groups. Discover how our specially developed, feature-rich template quickly and efficiently onboards schools. Through this collaboration, we offer school groups a comprehensive package of all the software they need and websites. The beating heart of this proposition? The robust Plate CMS.

Check out our success stories with Parnassys:

Smart Design System Websites with Aanjagers

In collaboration with Aanjagers, we reveal how school groups with a strong identity and specific communication needs can benefit from our cleverly designed Design System. This system, coupled with a multisite, enables individual schools to create websites that are both unique and maintain a strong connection with the overarching brand.

Inspiring examples of collaboration with Aanjagers:

Get to Know Plate

Do you want to visit IPON 2024 and personally meet the Plate team? We are ready to meet you and answer all your questions. Contact Pieter Versloot in advance via pieter@getplate.com for a personal appointment.