Discovery Call 30 april

30 april 2022, Online

Discovery Call 30 april

Want to know how your organisation can benefit from Plate? Every last day of the month, we'll talk you through it in half an hour with no obligation. The next Discovery Call is on April 30 at 12:30. Sign up now!

New to Plate

Are you new to Plate? Then this is an ideal opportunity to learn about all the uses of the platform and bring any questions to us. We also give an overview of the partners where you can go for specific (branch) knowledge or online expertise.

Anouk van Gorp Plate

Existing clients and partners

These sessions are also valuable for existing partners and clients. We not only show what we are working on 'today' in terms of roadmap, but sometimes it is good to refresh your knowledge about application possibilities within Plate. Maybe you only develop websites now and these sessions can inspire you to start offering web apps, portals or shops to your clients.

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This is also the opportunity to get our vision or feedback on commercial issues or best practices. This is useful if a question from a customer is new for you, but for us or for one of our partners it is already a piece of cake.

Sign up quickly and we look forward to see you on April 30. You will receive a link in advance to an environment where you can follow the Discovery Call and ask questions via chat.

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