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For member associations, having the right online communication tools is increasingly important. How easy can local departments manage the website? And how manageable is the website and hosting structure that is used? 

Let's take a political party as an example. In a political party, (online) communication is extremely important. But much more is needed. Like the right tools to create new websites in a fast, scalable way. For example, to enable the right volunteers to log in at the right place, or to shorten the learning curve for managing a website.

As a party you want the websites of the local political groups to have a contemporary look. This contributes to a positive image of the party. But if you have to maintain all these websites separately, it will quickly get out of hand, both financially and operationally.


Less time spent on maintaining and supporting website.

Why do member associations choose Plate?

Do the local groups in your political party have their own website with a separate maintenance contract and separate modules? And can these sites 'communicate' with each other, for example by sharing news items? Discover the 'more' value of Plate.

All functionality in one place

All functionality in one place

With Plate, you create one 'mother' template with all the functionality you need to create strong websites. Then you copy this template as many times as you like into individual websites and change the look and feel to suit your needs. Managing your websites is easy.

Which way do you want to develop?

Which way do you want to develop?

You are better off with Plate. Find out for yourself. For example, by first determining how intensively the CMS behind the various websites within your party or association is used. And to see how happy volunteers and staff are with the current setup. A second step can be to look at what you are paying now for all the websites, hosting, upgrades and all the hours that staff members spend on maintenance. That is often a more than considerable amount, which can slow down your growth. Would you like a calculation of the costs when you switch to Plate? This might just be the step towards a growth-ready future!

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