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As an industry organisation, you know better than anyone what your industry needs. How you can bind your members with a membership that offers more benefits, for example. Such as offering your members a special (mini) website or web app. 

Plate helps you with this. Because not every organisation has the knowledge and skills to develop, sell, create and maintain websites themselves. Plate likes to do - and well! - more for sector organisations.


Get more turnover from your existing target group.

The Plate ecosystem

Plate's broad scope and flexibility allows for a custom solution that is unique to your school group and provides cost reduction, speed, control and revenue because we use proprietary, off-the-shelf technology.

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See the details of our features.

See the details of our features.

With Plate you get more. Everything is ready for immediate use for your own ecosystem of (multi)sites, web apps, portals and shops.

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