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Using Plate Wizard, your customers can independently create a demo website, -app or -portal based on your template. This saves you time, lowers thresholds and increases conversion rates. In addition, you let your customer or prospect become acquainted with what you have to offer in an intuitive way.

How does it work?

How does it work?

We publish the wizard in your company's branding on your own (sub)domain. Together we determine the questions you want to ask your visitors. Think of a name or email address, but also for example a logo, company name, opening hours, and more depending on the input you need. Everything to create a basis for the website, web app or portal that is then created.

After filling in the details, Plate prepares a stand-alone version of the template in the background in which all the details of your customer or prospect are filled in. If necessary, you can immediately send him or her an automatic welcome email.