Advanced Multi-Content Management

Reuse of Content

Plate offers advanced 'multi-content' capabilities, allowing you to create and manage content both globally and locally. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with multiple sites, as it allows you to share important information across all sites, such as terms and conditions, while also allowing for local variations, such as different opening hours.

Copying content

Copying content

You can copy content on 4 different levels on sites within the same domain:

  • Pages
  • Sections
  • Rows
  • Elements

Global & local reference

The copy content function is an example of local content. From the moment you paste your content to another page, row, section or element there are two different versions. Plate offers you the possibility to have global references as well. This means that you can maintain that piece of content on one single place but you can display this content on many places.

Multicontent over different sites

Multicontent over different sites

Plate offers you the possibility to copy the content to different websites (probably in a multisite structure). In 2023 we will launch our ‘multi-content’ module but if you already want to work with multi-content over different websites we can set up an integration structure via Zapier already.


Scheduling content for publication is a standard feature. Additionally, users can also set a "depublication" date to automatically make the page inaccessible in the future. This feature eliminates the need for previous workarounds and ensures that pages are automatically published and depublished on the specified dates.