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Plate is a low code CMS and website development platform. As a term 'low code' in the web development industry may be a bit unknown, but the term 'website builder' is certainly not. It is no coincidence that the rise of website builders runs parallel to the rise of low code applications.

Develop low-code

Develop low-code

Where a CMS is usually rigid in setup and maintenance, a website builder is lean and easy to manage. The main disadvantage of a website builder is the limited ability to enrich websites with custom content. In addition, the SEO performance of website builders is often insufficient, because the management software has a large impact on the code.

Plate offers the best of both worlds: the ease of use of a website builder and the possibility to set up low code extended content models without programming. With knowledge of HTML, CSS, a bit of Javascript and our templating language Liquid you develop cool websites for your customers, which you manage with the ease of a website builder.

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